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2024 Olympics & French Torch Relay
The Olympic flame will make its first stop on the Paris 2024 Torch Relay in Marseille, France in the spring of 2024.
The 3-masted barque Bélem
Following its lighting in Olympia, the site of the Ancient Olympic Games, the flame will travel to Marseille in the South of France, transported on the Bélem, a majestic three-masted vessel that first took to the seas in 1896. It is the last of the great French ships of the XIX century to still be in use and will connect Athens to Marseille – two great cities with a deep-rooted shared history.

The Olympic Torch Relay will then begin its long journey to the Paris 2024 Opening Ceremony, which is scheduled to take place on July26, 2024 in France’s capital. The Torch Relay route will be revealed in May 2023. 

The following press release from the Ville de Carcassone has been translated to English using Google Translate. See the original here.
The Olympic flame will stop in Carcassonne in the spring of 2024!
The Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (OCOG) via its association “Paris 2024” and the Departmental Council of Aude, have chosen Carcassonne, already labeled Terre de Jeux 2024, as a stage city in the Olympic torch relay.
This major event benefiting from a wide media coverage, will highlight the city, its heritage, its territory, but also its local athletes. Indeed, many activities will be organized on this occasion throughout the city, in collaboration with local associations, sports clubs and of course the Departmental Council of Aude.
The values ​​of Olympism in Carcassonne!
The flame, a symbol of peace and unity between peoples, will be lit in Olympia before being carried, under the responsibility of the Olympic Committee, from Athens to the host country: France. It will arrive in Marseilles and will then cross French territory brought by torchbearers selected for the occasion, until the evening of the opening ceremony of the Games when the last torchbearer will light the cauldron, thus officially marking the opening of the Games 2024.
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