What’s to like about a barging vacation?

A Barge Cruise Sounds Interesting!
What’s It Like?

What to Expect On Your Luxury Barge Cruise

Part of the joys of luxury hotel barge cruising is the journey itself and, of course, which barge to travel aboard. While luxury hotel barges enjoy their own unique character and charm, there are a number of qualities that you can be sure to expect each and every time you travel.

If you like reading, then you’ll love the cozy salon library, packed with great reads

French Hotel Barge Athos — Suggested Reading List For The Canal Du Midi

There’s nothing quite like getting stuck-in to a good book while on vacation. It’s a fantastic way to really relax and take your mind off everyday life.  Browse through the salon library to pick up a classic, or perhaps learn more about the area you’re visiting. Soak in the sunlight on deck, curl up on the sofa, or in the comfort of your room.

If you like good food, then you’ll love the creations of your onboard master chef

How better to enjoy your vacation than through the delicious creations of your very own barge chef? Your chef will visit local markets to pick up an array of seasonal produce, and you’re more than welcome to come along. Then, watch as these local ingredients are made into a true taste sensation!

If you like a cocktail, a digestif on deck, a sundowner… then you’ll love the open bar


The well-stocked open bar, filled with a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits, is accessible throughout your cruise. You can help yourself or place an order with one of the crew but, in all likeliness, they’ve anticipated your request and your favorite drink is already on its way. Cheers!

If you like exploring, then you’ll love the complimentary bicycles

If you want to stretch your legs but walking isn’t enough, why not take one of the complimentary bicycles along the tow path as the barge gently cruises alongside? You can choose to meet the barge at the next lock, explore a nearby village, or perhaps plan ahead for a longer cycle. Some itineraries have fantastic cycle routes with dedicated bike maps, and even the possibility of upgrading to e-bikes! (Pre-booking e-bikes is essential. Contact Paradise Connections for details).

If you like history & culture, then you’ll love the variety of daily excursions

Whether you consider yourself a bit of a history buff or are simply curious about the cultures of the places you travel to, the daily guided excursions will take you on a variety of fascinating journeys through the places you visit. From ancient Roman cities to UNESCO World Heritage sites; from world-renowned vineyards to private dinners with a countess. Whatever your interest, you’re sure to be impressed by what’s in store. Plus, many of the barges have a fascinating history too! Have a chat with your crew to find out more.

If you like wine, then you’ll love the recommendations of the onboard wine expert

The onboard wine expert hand-picks a selection of fine wines to perfectly complement each meal. From the “table talk”, where he/she will explain how this particular vintage was chosen, to the tasting – you’re in great hands. They’re also helpful when visiting local wineries!

If you like time to unwind, then you’ll love our spacious decks, cabins and comfy salons


Taking a break from exploring for some “me time” is an essential part of a vacation. Cosy-up in the salon with a cup of coffee, watch the world go by from a deck chair or perhaps take a well-deserved nap in the comfort of your room. Most of our barges offer hot tubs – an excellent observation point with a glass of chilled wine in hand.

Let’s Go Barging!

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