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Barge Chefs for the 2020 Season

Each luxury hotel barge features a master chef with world-class training and a certain flair for creating mouth-watering taste sensations in particularly compact mobile kitchens. They play a huge role in your luxury barge cruising experience. Here’s an introduction to some of this season’s barge chefs…

ANJODI, Dave Lawrence

 Aboard Anjodi – Canal du Midi, France

Dave is from the Australian island state of Tasmania.  He worked briefly on Anjodi’s sister barge, L’Art de Vivre, at the start of the 2012 barging season before returning to his hometown of Hobart, Tasmania to work as a Head Chef. In 2019, Dave joined the crew of Spirit of Scotland with his partner and fellow crew member, Michelle; and this year he is looking forward to returning to the markets of France.

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LA BELLE EPOQUE, Arnis Maskevics

Aboard La Belle Epoque – Burgundy, France

Originating from Latvia, Arnis (pronounced Ar-nee) joined the crew of La Belle Epoque in 2018, having spent most of the previous year working aboard Panache. Experienced in a multitude of culinary expertise, Arnis is looking forward to putting his skills to excellent use aboard La Belle Epoque.  A great multi-skilled crew member, Arnis also enjoys throwing a rope if necessary, in between courses.

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RENAISSANCE, Hannah Dunleavy

Aboard Renaissance – Upper Loire/ Burgundy, Framce

Hannah has been a much-loved member of the Renaissance crew since 2014. She was a hairdresser in the past but fell in love with food. Hannah moved to France to learn its fine cuisine, which she now shares with her guests.

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PANACHE, Jonathan Drew

Aboard Panache – Holland & Champagne, Alsace-Lorraine, France

Jonathan lives outside Glasgow where he trained and gained experience in high-end hospitality in the prestigious Number Seven Lounge of Celtic FC. While working for the Compass Group preparing private buffets and fine dining events for Directors and Senior Management at the new Scottish Power HQ in Glasgow, he competed in The Compass Chef of the Year Competition, finishing second. Jonathan, or “Jonny” to his friends, joined Panache when he was visiting Alsace. He is looking forward to a full season onboard and adapting his menus for both Holland and Northern France.

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ENCHANTE, Sylvain Moretto

Aboard Enchante – Canal du Midi, France

An extremely experienced chef, Sylvain has been barging for over ten seasons with Enchanté, and three seasons aboard Renaissance. Many guests who are fortunate to enjoy Sylvain’s cuisine will photograph and write about their culinary adventures.

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Aboard L’Impressionniste – Burgundy, France

Jim is a seasoned barge chef having worked on a number of barges over the past seven seasons. His eighth season is aboard L’Impressionniste, where Jim shall continue to delight passengers with his varied menus and beautiful presentations.

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ROSA, Erell Delmotte

Aboard Rosa – Gascony & Bordeaux, France

Erell has been a crewmember on various barges since 2015, both as hostess and guide. Having worked closely with the chefs onboard barges Nymphea, Renaissance, Finesse, Panache, L’Impressionniste and Scottish Highlander, Erell gained valuable experience and spent the winter of 2018 training as a chef.  Her weeks as relief chef on Rosa in 2019 were more than enough to convince Rosa’s owner to offer her the position of barge chef for the 2020 season.

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Aboard Spirit of Scotland – Highlands, Scotland

Robert is originally from Budapest and gained his experience working on the larger river boats. His first experience working on a luxury barge cruise was aboard L’Art de Vivre, where he thoroughly enjoyed a close working connection with the barge’s passengers. You’ll instantly warm to Robert’s outgoing character and broad smile.

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FINESSE, Mike Crowson

Aboard Finesse – Burgundy, France

A bit of a celebrity in the world of culinary blogging, Mike Crowson spends the barging season serving up delicious meals for the lucky passengers aboard luxury hotel barge Finesse. Born and bred in Cornwall, Mike is a stellar chef who takes a great deal of satisfaction from both barging and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

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LA BELLA VITA, Andrea Chin

Aboard La Bella Vita – Venice, Italy

Andrea has been the Italian master chef aboard La Bella Vita since its launch. This culinary extraordinaire loves interacting with passengers and sharing his passion for Italian food. But don’t take our word for it – client reviews on Chef Andrea’s creations speak for themselves!

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Enjoy Luxury Barge Cruising with the Experts

Whichever barge you choose for your cruise, your onboard chef will delight you with culinary creations featuring the best locally-sourced ingredients. He/she has the experience and imagination to produce dishes that cater to your specific dietary requirements. Typically, chefs are pleased to show off their skills with a cooking demonstration in the galley.

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