Irish Hotel Barge Shannon Princess : Walking Themed Cruise 2020

Irish Hotel Barge Shannon Princess 

I was surprised to receive this itinerary for the 2020 Shannon Princess’ Walking Themed Cruise (see below, scroll down). This coming season is 2019… is it a typo? No, because…

Once again, the Irish Hotel Barge Shannon Princess is fully booked (except for 1 cabin) for 2019 and it is only January! This is a very popular barge and must be booked well in advance. They already have 4 weeks booked for 2020.

Shannon Princess – Crewed Hotel Barge – River Shannon, Ireland

If you are interested in their last cabin for the 2019 season, the week is August 4-10. The rate for this individual cabin is $5350/person, double occupancy.

While their standard cruise is lovely, check out their various themed cruises (for private charters) CLICK HERE

2020 Walking Itinerary

Ireland has some of the finest scenery in the world. This isn’t just us boasting! According to a number of the world’s leading travel sites, there is an abundance of natural and unspoilt beauty. The Lonely Planet refer to Ireland’s “breathtaking, ancient landscape” while Rough Guide describes how “an uncommon geological richness and the warming effect of the Atlantic produce an astonishing diversity of terrain on this small island”.

With all this scenery on our doorstep, we believe the best way to see some of it is on foot. We’ve developed  a walking itinerary to enable our guests to incorporate a walking holiday with a luxury cruise, visiting carefully selected areas of interest and taking place over 5 days of the 6-nights cruise.

Relax and enjoy the first of many gourmet dinners on the day of arrival

The first day of the vacation is all about settling in onboard the luxurious Shannon Princess and enjoying the first of many gourmet dinners, so the guided walks commence on day 2.

Walk 1 – The Grand Canal

The first walk incorporates a pleasant stroll through middle Ireland, along the towpaths of the Grand Canal.

Grand Canal
 The Grand Canal offers a peaceful and scenic introductory walk

The canal commenced building in 1756 to connect Dublin with the West of Ireland. All goods manufactured in Dublin and required in the West of Ireland were taken via barge to the Shannon and further afield. It was the motorway or railroad of its day.

We will also see peat or as it is more commonly known in Ireland ‘turf’ being saved. It will be a quiet and peaceful introductory walk.

Dinner will be served on board the Shannon Princess at 7:00 pm.

Walk 2 – Kinnitty Castle

The second walk brings us to Kinnitty Village in County Offaly.

 A walk through woodland and forestry tracks

This tranquil woodland loop on forestry tracks passes close to the grounds of Kinnitty Castle (now a hotel) and fords several tinkling little streams which passes the scant ruins of Glinsk Castle with many fine broadleaf trees evident. There are beautiful views over Co.Offaly and the surrounding mountain valleys.

This walk may be amended to accommodate a visit to Leap Castle reputed to be “Ireland’’ most haunted house.” You will be greeted by Sean Ryan and his family who will invite you in to their unusual home and Sean, a renowned musician, will tell you the fascinating history of the castle and the part it played in founding the American Constitution.

Dinner will be served on board Shannon Princess at 7:00pm.

Walk 3 – Lough (Lake) Derg

Today we travel along a very pretty stretch of the Shannon River onto the idyllic Lough (Lake) Derg where an ever-changing landscape slips by.

After lunch in the village, the walkers will depart with their walking guide to the nearby Slieve Bloom Mountains. Steeped in history and folklore, the Slieve Blooms dominate the landscape as it straddles the border of counties Offaly and Laois. Its highest peak, 529m Arderin, translates from Irish as the height of Ireland.

Connections with the past are everywhere as the area is dusted with monuments dating back as far as 4,500 years. This is a 3 to 4 hour walk along riverside paths & bog tracks and through woodland trails.

Dinner will be served on board the Shannon Princess at 7:00pm.

Walk 4 – The East Clare Way

For the penultimate walk we depart after lunch for The East Clare Way walk which starts in Mountshannon and will be conducted by the walking guide. This is a 127km route of marked Highways and Byways. You will be guided through what is considered the most beautiful section.

Enjoy the stunning views overlooking Lough Derg

A gentle climb takes us up through riverside villages and into the Slieve Bernagh hills until we overlook some of the most spectacular scenery in the whole of Munster. Here, Lough Derg and its many islands are at our feet creating a landscape rich in beauty, colour and variety. 

This is a 3 to 4 hour walk on natural terrain and trails with moderate gradients.

Dinner will be served on board the Shannon Princess at 7:00pm.

Walk 5 – Arra Mountains

Our final walk commences after lunch, where the walkers will depart with the walking guide for a hike into the Arra Mountains. At The Summit of Tountinna is the “Graves of the Leinstermen”, today one stone is standing, the rest are covered in undergrowth. The site may have originally been a stone circle or a Neolithic Tomb.

 The Arra Mountains provide magnificent views

Keep a lookout for evidence of the area’s great slate quarrying tradition. Magnificent views can be had from these parts, and blanket bog and several varieties of heather add to the allure of the landscape.

This is an excellent walk and can take between 3 to 5 hours, walking on natural terrain with moderate gradients.

About The Irish Hotel Barge Shannon Princess
Shannon Princess entering a lock

Shannon Princess

Shannon Princess has been thoughtfully designed throughout. The barge’s
inviting interior makes a charming floating living space – a perfect
“Home away from home” for guests to enjoy. The welcoming atmosphere is
enhanced by Ruairi and Olivia’s love of antiquities, crafts, pottery and
art with many works by established and local Irish artists.  On board
the barge a friendly & relaxed mood has been created by
carefully mixing casual informality with quality service.

Shannon Princess provides accommodation for up to 10 guests in 5 cabins
which can be configured as double or twins, each with ensuite
facilities. This barge is owner-operated with a total of five
professional crew in attendance.You will be charmed with excellent but
friendly service, gorgeous food & wines, and share in a slice of
local life and knowledge.

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